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Hey, I know a guy...

The correct answer to this comment from a friend is "NO THANKS".

We recently had a wedding set come in just to be soldered together. It was not purchased here but we still try to accommodate a new customer. We were quite busy at the time so we didn't look closely at the rings. There were several missing diamonds, one diamond split in half and two missing prongs on the center stone. The center diamond had an inclusion that could possibly have been filled when the ring was purchased but showed no sign of any remaining in the inclusion, leaving it quite noticeable. If it was filled, ultrasonic cleaning over the years probably took it out. It was downhill all the way from here. Of course, we called the customer and informed them of the issues and then we put it in the ultrasonic to get it clean enough to work on. Ten minutes later the ring is missing 15 diamonds including the two halves of the broken stone and it still isn't clean. Every time we put the ring back in the cleaner, more stones fell out. This was supposed to be a quick $40.00 job and now it looks like we are going to be putting well over a hundred dollars into getting this back together before we can even solder it together. This unfortunate couple is getting married in a few days and this is the last thing they need to be concerned about. Sending it back to the online "jeweler" that sold it is not an option or finding your friend's cousin Eddy that sells "really great stuff" really cheap is out of the question because Eddy is now selling "the lowest rates ever on credit card processing".

So, please PLEASE go to a reputable jeweler of your choice where they sell well crafted jewelry, professionally set with fine quality diamonds and stones and you will have some recourse if you have problems with your purchase. You really aren't saving money if you have to send your purchase back over and over to have it repaired badly or if you have to track down cousin Eddy and convince him that he needs to be responsible for what he sold you.

We take pride in what we create here at Corner Studio and we search for quality jewelry to put in our showcases, crafted by skilled jewelers and designers that stand behind their work. We work hard to keep our customer's happy and confident in their purchase at our store.

Today's lesson: JUST SAY NO.

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