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Custom Design

When it comes to custom CAD design, Corner Studio Jewelers has the experience, equipment and the expertise to create that one of a kind piece that will get you noticed.

Here's how we do it.

We start with a brief discussion about the ultimate goal for your unique design project, taking into account how your piece will be worn, what materials to work with such as karat and color of gold or platinum, diamonds and colored gemstones, time to completion and of course, budget.  We ask for a $250 deposit to get things started and an email address to send "renders" so that you can see what your perfect piece will look like.  To see what the renders look like go to the gallery page. These are computer generated pictures of some of our custom designs, not the actual pieces.



The Fun Begins.

Our Matrix CAD program is where the magic happens. Starting with your ideas, no matter how specific or vague, we begin to build your special creation from the ground up, giving us total flexibilility in the design process.  Whether we are  supplying all the stones or working with yours from an old piece that you just don't wear anymore, we create a rough idea of the final piece and email

renders for you to critique and make sure we are on the right track.  At this point there may be small details that are not cleaned up yet but these details are the time consuming part of the process and we want to be sure that we have the basic design figured out before we do a lot of detail work that may need to be changed later.  We look for feedback from you to further improve the design and continue tweaking the details and sending renders until we get things just as you want them.  Your special piece can be anything you want it to be and you don’t have to decide until you have seen all your options.

3D Printing

We were the first to add a 3D printer, the first of it's kind for creating custom jewelry in Wisconsin and we can create anything that you can imagine. We "grow" many of our models in house with our Perfactory Micro Rapid Prototype machine. This "state of the art" machine literally grows your custom piece from a pool of resin with incredible precision so that when you decide on the final design, the finished product looks exactly like the renders of your design.  

Not from around here?

In the near future you will be able to book design appointments on line.  No need to come into the store if you are far from Sheboygan Falls.  Just go to the Bookings page and choose a date and time.  We will Skype you and give you access to our screen and together we can design your custom piece while you watch on your computer and contribute from the comfort of your home or office.  You can also pay the $250.00 deposit on line to get the ball rolling.  Much of the CAD time includes finishing up on the details of the design which we can do after we get the basic design started.  You don't have to hang out on the computer while we perfect your design and when we're finished we will email computer generated renders to you.

Hearts and Arrows in your diamonds.

We recently found a fantastic source for our small diamonds that we use in our custom pieces that display the hearts and arrows effect.  Now you may ask, are these diamonds more expensive?  Absolutely.  But, because they are cut to such accurate proportions and sized so perfectly, it takes much less time to set them.  That allows us to cut the cost of setting these small wonders by more than enough to offset the slightly higher price per carat that we pay.  It's a win/win for me and our customers.  I don't know if you've noticed but I'm not getting any younger so anything I can do to speed up a process interests me and the benefit for you is that these diamonds look GREAT!  I take the time to orient the stones in the same direction so that the facets  of each stone line up with the adjacent stones, giving the finished product the look of near perfection.  You really have to see it to believe it.

I've included some videos from our supplier that tell their story and show one of their cutting facilities.  Hope you find this as interesting as we do.

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